Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lake Louise

Along with the Niagara Falls (coming soon!), Lake Louise was one of the very few sights on my things-I've-got-to-see-in-Canada-list. So on one of the days where Devan had to work anyway, and I felt like I had seen enough of Calgary, I jumped on a Greyhound bus back to the Rocky Mountains, past Banff to the small town of Lake Louise.

The lake itself was about and hour hike uphill, through the woods and across rivers, from town, and it was well worth the walk :) Went hiking for a couple of hours around the lake and up the surrounding hills and mountains, which made me able to get reasonably close to the snowy mountains and away from the crowds. Anyway, a picture says more than a thousand words, so check them out.

Lake Louise was worth the trip, even though there were way too many tourists and I once again found myself in DESPERATE NEED of a wide angle lens (donations appreciated) :-)


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