Saturday, August 04, 2007

Jurassic Park

... not quite, but it's probably the closest you'll ever get. Two hours away from Calgary lies the town of Drumheller, a very, very countrytown-ish place that's famous for it's surrounding landscape the fact that it's (along with Dinosaur Provincial Park) one of places with the most dinosaur fossils in the world. And the rocky landscape really feels like a place where dinosaurs used to hang out. It is also the home of a huge dinosaur museum.

People gotta eat, so we went for lunch at a small cafe Devans grand aunt and grand uncle owned, a place with decoration so hilarious and shameless it reminded me a lot of the pubs in the Australian Outback. Take for example the singing fish or the Ukranian chainsaw. But the place's size doesn't neccesarily equal small portions. At least, I thought that my sub was resonably sized :) They also made six foot (1,82 m) family versions... Bon appetit.

The clothing stores in Drumheller sort of resembled the Outback Australia ones as well, though not as wild west(h) and cowboy-ish. Devan introduced me to the term rig pigs, (people working oil rigs). I gotta admit that I really liked the hat, though :O)

The Royal Tyrell museum was probably the best museum I've ever been to. Normally when I'm at museums, I enjoy myself, but tend to get bored and claustophobic after a little while. But in this place, you can easily walk around for a whole day without seeing it all. Very insightful and well-structured. Absolutely brilliant. Won't bother going into details about speficic dinosaurs, so check out the photos if you want a little preview :)

Before heading back hom we went for ride on Dinosaur Trail (quite cheesy name), a scenic route around the area with some cool views of the Calgary Badlands. Finally, we stopped by the Hoodoos, some interesting mushroom-shaped eroded rocks - though both Devan and I were a bit dissapointed by the size and amount of them. But despite that, I'll highly recommend Drumheller, and especially the museum, to anyone visiting Alberta.


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I like the hat ! :D



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